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How Rolex watches 'saved' James Bond

Rolex Vintage SubmarinerMany people may associate Rolex watches with James Bond and his many clever gadgets.

Now, one newspaper has pointed out how the time-keeping device was part of one of the secret agent's most memorable escapes.

The Mirror describes how 007 played by Roger Moore in the film Live and Let Die used his modified Rolex watch to saw through shackles before he got eaten by a tank full of sharks.

Sean Connery tricking a villain into letting him go seconds before he was about to get cut in half by a laser in Goldfinger is also listed as a memorable moment.

Likewise, so is the time Bond defused a nuclear bomb while dressed as a clown in Octopussy.

The character James Bond was originally created by Ian Flemming in 1953 and he featured in 12 novels plus two short story collections.

The first 007 film called Doctor No was released in 1962.

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