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Corum Watches

Corum Admirals Cup Challenge†HistoryCorum was founded back in 1955 and hence is a younger company than many other Swiss watch manufacturers that most have heard of. The company was setup by Rene Bannwart who had a love of watch making but was also a strong entrepreneur. Throughout its short but strong history Corum have dedicated time and money to pushing the boundaries of watch making and its emblem, a sky-pointing key, is meant to represent this.The company its self has always set out to be a high quality watch manufacturer and hence have devoted most of their research budget into creating reliable and unique watches. For any watch maker to stand out itís important to have a recognizable style and brand. For this reason Corum watches are designed to be innovative and different. Although the Corum Admirals Cup is probably the companyís most well-known watch the company manufacture several other collections alongside the Admirals cup.As of 2005, Corum has undergone a period of expansion in order to solidify its position as one ofSwitzerlandís foremost watch makers.

Corum Admirals Cup

There is little doubt that the Corum Admiralís cup is the watch accredited with propelling the company towards the status they have today. The company is very aware that their success is largely due to the success of this one watch. For this reason a 50th Anniversary edition of the watch was released, although the design stays as true to the original as possible.The case of a vintage Corum Admiralís Cup is twelve sided which immediately sets it apart from many other vintage watches which are available. The watch first went in sale in the 1960s and was originally known as the sailors watch. This is partly due to the fact that the dial is set off using nautical pendants. The 50th Anniversary edition of the watch is a certified chronometer.

Other Corum Watches

Aside from the Admiralís Cup, †the Corum Golden Bridge collection is probably second favorite. Itís a newer collection which was only established in 1980. Even so, itís become a highly recognizable watch due to its visible movement at the centre of a transparent case. TheGolden Bridge uses the famous baguette movement and in 2010 an updated version was released. In fact, it is the smallest tourbillion that includes a silicon escapement in the world to date.Another collection is the Corum ROMVLVS. This watch was released in 1966 and left a huge impression on the watch making industry due to its striking design. Rather than including the hour symbols on the watch face the ROMVLVS has them engraved on the case which makes for a unique design. There are also a number of complications included with the watch.Corum Artisans watches include some of the most artistic timepieces ever created. Each watch in this collection is unique but many come with a wide range of different set gems and engravings. New Artisan watches are added to the collection each year, these watches are art in its self.

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