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Breitling Watches Buyers Guide


Owners of Breitling watches know they possess world-class timepieces famous for their precision and beauty. Leon Breitling founded the original company, Breitling SA, in 1884. Over the last 130 years, Breitling has catered to a very demanding clientèle looking for luxury, reliable chronometers capable of withstanding significant punishment – without losing their accuracy or looking old.

The Breitling logo consists of an anchor, a set of wings, and an elegant letter ‘B’, signifying Breitling’s commitment to aviators and seafarers. Indeed, most of their earliest watches were classified in one of two categories: Navitimer for aviators and SuperOcean for divers. Breitling also produces a special line of luxury chronometers as part of a partnership with Bentley.

If you are thinking about investing in a Breitling, whether as a collector or a first time owner, it is important to be aware of the range of choices available:

Brietling Aerospace Watches | Watches.co.uk
The Aerospace is part of Breitling’s Professional collection. It is an electronic multi-function chronograph with an easy-to-use control system utilising a simple rotating crown. The latest version of the Aerospace features an NVG compatible backlighting system, titanium display and, as an added option, an electronic module for co-pilot functions.

The consumer can choose a titanium bracelet or a leather, diver, or military strap to hold the chronometer to the wrist. The face of the watch features a SuperQuartz electronic movement with analogue display and digital display of the day, date, and time. The digital display can be programmed for up to four years.

Brietling Avenger Watches | Watches.co.uk
The Avenger is a family of wristwatches that includes the Avenger II, Avenger II GMT, Super Avenger II, Avenger II Seawolf, and Avenger Blackbird. The Avenger II and Super Avenger II are both aviator watches, while the other three models are intended for seafarers. All five chronometers are precision instruments built to withstand the pressures associated with both flying and diving.

Among all five, the Avenger II GMT may be the most unique. It features a revolutionary third hand within the movement allowing for two 24-hour time zone displays simultaneously. A third time zone display is possible by way of a rotating bezel accounting for 12-hour cycles.

Experienced divers will appreciate the Avenger II Seawolf and its water resistance of up to 3,000 m. The watch even includes a built-in valve to equalise pressure between the interior and exterior of the watch casing. As with all Breitling watches, each of the five Avengers are COSC certified.

Brietling for Bentley Watches | Watches.co.uk
In 2002, Bentley asked Breitling to create some technical components and the on-board clock for the company’s new Continental GT model. Thus began a relationship that married the fine art of car making with that of precision watch making. The Breitling for Bentley collection embodies that partnership with a line of chronometers that feature a unique and exquisite styling perfectly suited to the Bentley owner.

The Breitling for Bentley collection includes 16 models to match the personal style of every Bentley owner. For example, the Bentley B06 is a beautiful timepiece available in either steel or red gold, with a case fabricated to look like a classic wheel rim. The Flying B Chronograph is stylistically opposed to the Bentley B06 but elegant and beautiful nonetheless. It features a rectangular case, bevelled crystal, and complications presented in squares rather than circles.

Brietling Chronoliner Watches | Watches.co.uk
If you are the type of person who appreciates a retro 1950s/60s style, look no further than the Breitling Chronoliner. This intriguing chronometer looks every bit the part of a true captain’s watch, with a rugged exterior featuring a black dial in a gear-cut presentation. This is an aviator watch with multiple complications, including a second time zone display and a traditional date display.

The Chronoliner’s movement is completely mechanical and self-winding for a truly retro experience. You will appreciate its steel case, ceramic bidirectional bezel, cambered sapphire crystal, and water resistance up to 100 m. This is a wristwatch built to provide the right combination of precision timekeeping and timeless good looks.

Brietling Chronomat Watches | Watches.co.uk
The Chronomat line of seven timepieces has been created specifically for aviators. Each of the models offers a self-winding movement certified by COSC as well as a sleek and curved case that is comfortable regardless of wrist size. The Chronomat also features a unique positioning of the date display, angled so that the number appears straight and upright when viewed on the left wrist.

You might think such a functional aviator watch might be somewhat lacking in beauty, but that is not the case with the Chronomat. All seven models come in your choice of steel, steel and rose gold, or rose gold only. The steel and rose gold combination is especially stunning thanks to a brilliant contrast that will take your breath away – especially on sunny days. The Chronomat is as much a piece of fine jewellery as it is a precision timepiece.

Brietling Colt Watches | Watches.co.uk
The Colt series is a family of watches combining Breitling’s precision with design simplicity. The appeal of the Colt series is that each of the watches in the collection offers an easy-to-look-at presentation that is nonetheless elegant and stylish. The Colt Chronograph is an aviation watch while the Automatic, 36, Lady and Quartz models are simple timepieces with a date display being the only complication.

A Breitling SuperQuartz movement powers the Chronograph for accuracy that is 10 times greater than a normal quartz movement. This model is known around the world as a great watch for the military thanks to its sturdiness, durability, and ease of use.

The Colt Lady is the perfect choice for the woman who refuses to compromise precision in exchange for elegant, sporty good looks. The Lady combines it all in a beautiful timepiece featuring the SuperQuartz movement, polished steel case, a beautiful circular motif, and an elegant dial in either black, silver or blue.

Brietling Galactic Watches | Watches.co.uk
As you might expect from the name, the Galactic line of four timepieces look every bit the precision chronometer of the future. The Galactic 44 is the signature piece in this line, sporting a polished steel case and a certified self-winding movement. A close inspection reveals inlaid rubber hour markers that do not seem at all out of place.

Moving on to the Galactic 32, here is a wristwatch combining the futuristic look and feel of the 44 with subtle design additions that add just the right amount of femininity for the ladies. Making this watch even more desirable is the fact that Breitling allows for multiple combinations of dial colours, metal finishes, straps, and bracelets.

Brietling Montbrillant Watches | Watches.co.uk
What is the Montbrilliant? Only the most unique wristwatch in the entire Breitling collection. Where the Chronoliner was designed to remind one of the 1950s and 60s, the Montbrilliant harkens back to the 1940s in both looks and functionality. This is a truly unique wristwatch unlike anything anyone else is making.

The first thing people notice about the Montbrilliant is the bi-directional slide rule that would actually allow you to do maths calculations on your wristwatch, if you so desired. This wristwatch also features a silver dial with numerals or hour markers, recessed counters, and a steel or 18-carat red gold case.

Just for the record, the Montbrilliant was designed to evoke images of the historic Montbrilliant building that housed the company’s headquarters from 1892 through 1979. Trust us when we say that it does not disappoint.

Brietling Navitimer Watches | Watches.co.uk
Breitling’s original line of aviator watches bore the name ‘Navitimer’. This line was originally developed to provide aviator function that, at the time, was not yet integrated into the aeroplane. Today’s Navitimer still includes that same functionality as precision complications. The line offers several different models, including the 01 and the world renowned Cosmonaute.

The Navitimer 01 is a favourite among pilots and amateur aeronautic hobbyists thanks to its reliability and performance. It offers echoes of its earlier forerunners combined with modern styling that is unmistakably Breitling. It includes a red seconds hand, black dial, silver counters, and a bi-directional rotating bezel. The 01 can also be had in red gold rather than steel.

As for the Cosmonaute, what more can you say about a wristwatch that was the first to travel in space. The wristwatch was chosen because of its 24-hour graduation, which, in space, is indispensable for telling night from day. The Cosmonaute is a beautiful timepiece offering a 24-hour display, manual winding movement and a bi-directional slide rule.

Brietling Superocean Watches | Watches.co.uk
Just as the Navitimer was the pioneering line of Breitling aviator watches, the SuperOcean established the company as a reliable manufacturer of wristwatches for the seafaring. This line includes five different models: the 42, 44, Chronograph, Chronograph Steelfish, and Chronograph M2000.

The SuperOcean 42 is the entry-level model in the line and a perfect choice for divers looking for something a bit more colourful and sporty. The 42 features a bevelled inner bezel, a self-winding chronometer movement and a screw lock case resistant to water up to 1500 m.

Divers looking for a watch with a more rugged appearance might choose the Chronograph Steelfish. This wristwatch is water resistant up to 500 m and includes a self-winding movement as well. Its ratcheting bezel and large controls make this wristwatch easy to work with, even underwater.

Brietling Superocean Heritage Watches | Watches.co.uk
Four models make up the SuperOcean Heritage line from Breitling. The 42 and 46 are basic wristwatches with only the date complication included. The Chronographe 44 and Chronographe 46 offer additional complications for more functionality. All four are powered by a self-winding mechanical movement.

If you prefer the styling of the 1950s, the 42 and 46 model are just what you’re looking for. The main difference between the two is that of diameter. You can choose either model in black, blue or green, with a rotating unidirectional bezel and a steel or steel and gold case.

Both Chronographe models – also distinguished by diameter – combine an unusual presentation that appears more utilitarian than other Breitling watches. This is a sturdy and reliable timepiece with a self-winding movement and the choice of steel bracelet or rubber strap.

Brietling Transocean Watches | Watches.co.uk
Breitling’s TransOcean collection is fairly large and extensive with 11 models. From the simplicity of the Date & Date to the visually complex Chronograph Unitime, this collection has something for everyone.

The TransOcean Date & Date is all about elegant refinement. It evokes images of long-distance travel in the glory days of luxury ocean liners. Not complex by any stretch, the Date & Date offers a self-winding movement along with just two complications: a date display at the three o’clock position and the day of the week at 12 o’clock.

The other side of the spectrum is the Chronograph Unitime, a timepiece that combines basic timekeeping functions with readily available time zone information. Rotating the unidirectional 24-hour city disk results in automatic adjustment of time, day, and date. This may be the easiest wristwatch on the market for world travellers who constantly change time zones.


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