Buyback Scheme

    Buyback Scheme

    If you require extra funds and do not want to sell your asset, Watches.co.uk offers you a buyback agreement that allows you to QUICKLY RAISE funds against your Luxury Watches by selling to us and receiving payment immediately with an option to repurchase at a mutually agreed date (typically 12 weeks).

    We specialise in BuyBack agreements only for Swiss watches.

    The purchase price would normally depend on the make and model of your item, the condition that it’s in and availability of papers, boxes and accessories. Payments are processed immediately by a pre-agreed method.

    By appointment only in our secure and safe London office with ‘distancing glass counter’ in place.

    Please feel free to contact our team with any enquiries.

    Call Us: 020 8994 4567 Call our Team Email us

    FAQs and Policies

    What is BuyBack?

    BuyBack is a 12-week agreement which allows you to get instant cash for your Swiss watch.
    We will securely store your watch for you and then you have the option to buy it back from us for a fee within 12 weeks. You are asked to pay an amount every four weeks then on the twelfth week pay the final amount owed to us plus the full amount that was given to you for your watch initially.

    Who can apply for BuyBack?

    You must be at least 18 years old, a UK resident and the legal owner of the items that you are selling.

    What identification will I need?

    To comply with anti-money legislation and to help protect our customers and guard against theft and fraud we need to establish and verify the identity and address of all Buyback customers. You’ll need to bring a minimum of two recent documents, one to confirm identity, such as a passport or driving license and another to confirm address, dated from within the last 3 months, such as a utility bill, etc. We will need to check these before we can give you any cash for your item.

    What items can be used for BuyBack?

    We provide our BuyBack service for many luxury Swiss watches such as Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piquet.

    Where are items kept?

    Your watches are stored in our secured Vaults.

    Where can I get my item valued?

    You can email over a picture with a brief description or you will need to arrange a date to send it in to us.
    We can see you at our offices, by appointment only.
    As of April 2020 you will need to call us to confirm a day and time, this is due to the Government guidelines that are in place to do with travel restrictions.

    How much will I be paid?

    The purchase price would normally depend on make and model of your item, the condition that it’s in and availability of papers, boxes and accessories.

    I want to buy my item back, how much will I need to pay?

    You will have to pay the original amount we paid you for your item, plus the pre agreed fee that is applied.

    Will you carry out a credit check on me?

    We do not carry out a credit check for BuyBack as we are not supplying you with a credit agreement. However, for your peace of mind, we do check all items against a national stolen goods report.

    When can I buy my items back?

    You can buy your item back at any time up to 12 weeks from the date you sold it to us. After 12 weeks If you have not paid us back in full plus all fees then the watch will become our property and we will then put the watch up for sale.

    Can I buy my item back before the 12 weeks are up?

    Yes, you can buy your item back at any time before the 12 weeks have expired. The price you pay does not change whichever day you buy back up to this point.

    Can I renew the BuyBack agreement?

    You can extend the agreement by a further 12 weeks with our renewal option. This involves paying the fee at the time of repurchase and at the time of renewal. Any further renewals will be at the discretion of the company.

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