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    How To Sell Your Omega Watch

    At The Swiss Watch Company, we make the process of selling your Omega simple, safe and secure.

    1. Photograph Your Omega

    Take some photographs of your Omega. These will help us to complete an initial evaluation of the watch and provide you with an accurate first quote.

    2. Submit Details of Your Omega

    Select your model of Omega watch from the options above and then complete the online form to send details of the watch to us. This is also where you will submit the photos you have taken. Providing as much information as you can enables us to provide you with as accurate a quote as possible, but do not worry if you are unsure about any of the details.

    3. Receive an Initial Quote for Your Omega

    Once we have received your information, our Omega valuation experts will assess all the details and send a preliminary quote to you. This is usually done within one working day.

    4. Send or Drop Off Your Watch

    If you are happy with the initial quote for your Omega, the next step is to send the watch to use. Package it securely and send it using the details we provide alongside your quote. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to drop off your watch at our showroom in person, which is an option if you want to sell your Omega in London.

    5. Receive a Final Offer for Your Omega

    Once we receive your Omega into our workshop, our experienced appraisers will inspect the watch and provide a final offer, usually within one working day.

    6. Payment Made

    If you are happy to accept the final offer for your Omega simply confirm and the funds will be directly transferred into your account the same day.

    Why Sell Your Omega At The Swiss Watch Company?

    If you are looking for the best place to sell your Omega, there are a number of compelling reasons to choose The Swiss Watch Company:

    Safety & Security

    We treat your personal details and your Omega watch with the utmost care throughout the entire process. When dealing with The Swiss Watch Company, you can be sure that your Omega is in safe hands and will be returned to you securely should you decide against going through with the sale.

    Expert Appraisals

    We've been in business for almost thirty years, and our in-house valuation experts are able to quickly and accurately assess the value of your Omega watch and provide you with a quote.

    Genuine & Guaranteed Offers

    As our quotes are based on expert appraisals we're able to make you a genuine and fair offer for your Omega. Once we have assessed your watch in person and provided you with a final quote, it's valid for 14 days so you can take the time to decide how you want to proceed.

    A Fast & Efficient Process

    With our own team of experts, we're able to quickly provide you with accurate quotes as well as any other help or advice you may need. When you decide to sell your Omega, payments are sent to your account immediately and will usually be cleared within 24 hours, so there's no waiting around to get your funds.

    Outstanding Service

    Our aim is to provide the highest levels of customer service to all our clients, whether you're buying or selling a watch with us. We're keen to go above and beyond to build lasting relationships, and have significant numbers of clients who return to us for all their future watch requirements.

    Convenient Part Exchange

    If you are looking to change your Omega for a different model, we offer an easy and convenient way to use the value in your watch towards something else, and can help you source a specific model you're looking for.

    How Much Is My Omega Worth?

    Each watch is different and the best way to find out an accurate figure for how much your Omega is worth is to have it appraised by a specialist. Select your model from the options above and complete our online form to send us details of your watch. We'll then be able to assess your Omega and send you an accurate appraisal within one working day.

    There are a range of factors that can affect the value of an Omega watch, including the model, age and condition. Other aspects such as whether you have the original box and papers, and demand within the market can also impact the current value.

    Alternatively you can give us a call to discuss your watch and our process, where we can provide more information about how its value may be assessed.

    FAQs About Selling Your Omega

    Q: Do Omega watches have resale value?
    A: As one of the world's most recognised luxury watch brands, Omegas often hold good resale value. The value of a specific watch will depend on a range of factors so it is worth consulting with an expert to get an accurate appraisal of your watch.
    Q: Do Omega watches go up in value?
    A: Some Omega watches can go up in value, particularly popular, rare or highly sought after models.
    Q: Where can I get my Omega watch valued?
    A: At the Swiss Watch Company you can send us details of your Omega and we will provide you with an accurate and genuine valuation within one working day.
    Q: Do I need the box and papers to sell my Omega?
    A: No, it is not essential to have the box and papers to sell your Omega. However, in some cases these items can make the watch more desirable to potential buyers and therefore more valuable.
    Q: How can I sell my Omega for the best price?
    A: You can get the best combination of price, security and convenience by selling your watch to an established dealer, or working with a dealer such as The Swiss Watch Company to sell the watch on your behalf.

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