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Andy Curtis

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John I had all of the suspicions about buying over the internet that anyone else has. There are undoubtedly sharks out there, BUT The Swiss Watch is NOT one of them. I'm am absolutely 100% unreservably pleased with the service that I got from you. I have absolutely no problem with anyone contacting me about dealing over the net with yourself. Good luck to yourself, I am more than sure your business will grow tremendously. Andy Curtis, Dorking, England

Richard Wright

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John,thanks for an excellent service,i would recomend you any time. The Rolex bimetal submariner was/is faultless and you have given (sold) me a truely 10/10 watch and at a really good price. To anyone reading this i run a company called "Powerdoor" and supply products to over 200 comanies in thwe UK and europe,JOHN WOULD BE IN OUR TOP 5.This is the second watch from you and to any doubters i say stop thinking and order in total confidence. John you deserve every success. Richard Wright, Nr Worthing, Sussex, England

Alex Gould

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I am absolutely delighted with the level of service I have received from John at ‘ Swiss Watch’. It might be of interest to others to read a brief summary of my recent watch buying experiences, to act not only as a warning about so called ‘cheap deals’ from America, but also as a 100% endorsement of the superb service that John Matheou can offer. I first became interested in the idea of buying a new watch a few weeks ago when I saw a magazine article for the Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33. It’s also called the ‘Mars watch’ because it’s supposed to be the one that is going to be used by astronauts on the first manned mission to Mars. It replaces the ‘Moon watch’ used my Neil Armstrong and co. It’s NASA approved and there is probably one being worn in space right now. It looked really cool and my instant reaction was quite simply “must have one”. I then did the usual almost exhaustive amount of research that one would normally expect to do when spending a couple of thousand or so for a watch. I went along to the high street shops here in London to try it on, see if I really liked it, to see if there was anything better I would rather have, and to get an idea of the range of prices that it was on offer for. The very best ‘high street’ deal that I managed to gain some commitment for was a 12.5% discount from ‘Watches of Switzerland’, but only if I paid cash. This was pretty good, but I then started searching the net to see if I could do even better. It didn’t take me long to find sites for organisations like ‘Ashford.com’ and ‘World of Watches’. Here I was promised a wapping 35% and in one case a 37% reduction in price. With these discounts even when you factor in the cost of shipping to the UK and duty at the point of entry it amounts to a highly significant £220 cheaper than the best high street deal here in the UK. So ... I ordered a watch from ‘World of Watches’ in America. Initially they promised that I would have it on my wrist a two days later, which pleased me enormously. However, when I phoned the next day to enquire why it was that I hadn’t been emailed my Fed Ex tracking number as promised they informed me that there was some sort of a problem with their supplier and that it might be a few more days before they could get it in before shipping it out to me. It was then that I started to have second thoughts about the order. It was then that I started finding out about some of the problems that other people had been having. Looking on the net I read about other people’s experiences on web sites like ‘watch.net’. In one very worrying story somebody had described that they had purchased a Omega Seamaster from ‘World of Watches’ and had been having problems trying to get them to honour the warranty when it turned out that there was something wrong with the bracelet. Apparently he had returned it to them several times (at his own expense) and they had just fiddled around with it instead of sending it back to Omega for a replacement. It also transpires that because these watches are so heavily discounted, the suppliers to places like ‘World of Watches’ don’t want the manufacturers tracing the products back to them ... so they remove the serial numbers. Hence the reason they are so reluctant to send the watches back to Omega, and hence no Omega warranty. From what I have read to date the warranties offered by places like this that run ‘in place of’ the official manufacturers’ warranties are not worth the paper they are written on, unless of course they can do the work themselves. Not very pucka. It was then that I came across this web site for ‘Which Watch’. Being in London myself I gave John a call, who promised to get back to me the next day with his very best offer. The following day he called me to offer a 20% discount using my credit card along with a regular Omega International Warranty, just as if I had purchased it myself from a shop and paid full price for it. And get this ... it must have been around 2:00 Monday afternoon when I gave my order to John over the phone and fax. By Tuesday mid morning I was sitting in his office playing with my new watch. In the end I paid only £80 more than the very cheapest Internet offer would have been for a watch that retails for £1900 ... but just take a look at what I get from that extra few quid ... an Official International Warranty (could be worth a small fortune - both in terms of time and money not to mention patience and peace of mind), a free resizing service (I don’t know about you, but those personal touches mean a lot me, especially when I’m spending a lot of money. The first time I wear the watch I want it to be the right size without having to make time for that trip to the local jewellers a week after I get the thing), a really cool box made of the same stuff that NASA space suits are made of (excellent source of spare material for my next EVA. ‘World of Watches’ wanted to send me the watch in an ordinary Speedmaster box), and an intact serial number (essential for the Omega warranty and also in the unlikely case that I might someday wish to sell the watch). All in all I have been treated exceptionally well by John, and have had a superb level of service from him, at a very significant price discount. Whenever I consider purchasing a watch again I shall make this my first and only point of call. Many thanks John ... you’ve made another fan.

Simon Henson

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great web site.clear and concise descriptions. good clear images. purchased omega seamaster over web with no hassle, delivered on time,good advise.all in all a1 service. Simon Henson, Horsley Woodhouse, England

Mark Field

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'Back again' this time for an IWC Doppelchronograph. Now i have done business with John twice, and found the experience extremely pleasant. Thank you John, two memorable timepieces to add to my growing collection, now what shall i have next? Mark Field, Eynsham, Oxon, England

Adrian Knowles

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At last, the first really easy to use buying and selling site for classic wrist watches. It's refreshing to see that no space has been wasted on watches that aren't worth it. I will be a regular browser and (slightly less) regular purchaser! Adrian Knowles, UK, Bath

Stephen Grant

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Searched the WEB for a good deal on a TAG SEL Automatic. Found this site. Talked to John. Paid the asking price. Watch delivered the next day. Quality of the watch even better than I hoped. Thats how easy it was for me. Great service and a great clear picture of the actual watch on the WEB site. Thanks Stephen Grant, Edinburgh

Paul Dowling

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John, Finally got round to signing your guest book. My Submariner is looking bloody good. Thanks again. Paul Dowling, Leeds, England

Steve King

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Friendly,helpful fast service,expert advice,great prices- every possible effort is made to make sure the customer is happy! Steve King, Devon, England

Mark Field

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A 'superb service', helpful, polite and efficient. why wait 6 months like i intended to for a Rolex Submariner, when you can obtain a virtually mint condition Rolex Submariner now! and save money!! Mark Field, Oxford, England

James Griffiths

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John, Many Thanks for all your recent help in obtaining my Rolex Sub-Mariner wrist watch. This time piece I had wanted for quite some time, but sadly all of the other Dealers that I had asked to try and obtain one for me were all best part hopeless. You, however managed to obtain the very watch that I had been in search of, in a very short space of time. You also managed to re-instate my faith in human nature, by actually down playing the condition of this watch. When this watch arived the next day, it was in much better condition then you had portrayed in our telephone conversations. In fact your honesty and integrity are most definately a forgone conclusion, as not only did you manage to obtain a watch that all of the other dealers had failed, you produced a specimen, which was quite frankly in Mint++ condition, with all the exact documents etc all verified by Rolex themselves. All told it has been a sincere pleasure doing business with you John, as you have been a gentleman and if there is anyone out there that has any doubt about your crudentials, or is worried about buying from an un-known source, then I would be happy for them to E-Mail and I will be in a position to relay my comments concerning your exemplary service and after care :- Thanks A Million James Griffiths, Bournemouth, England

Steve Pentz

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Just to say thankyou for the watch and it was as good as you said, I am sure we will do more business in future. Steve Pentz, Nottingham, England
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