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Martin Hill

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Cool web-site, very informative and helpful when seeking info about tasty watches Martin Hill, England

Tony Leach

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Excellent personal service with much enthusiasm shown for watches in general.Highly recommended for those in search of a fine timepiece.Thanks folks ! Tony Leach, England

Terry Chan

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I turned up at Swiss Watch and tried on a brand new Omega. Once I expresses my interest, the bracelet was adjusted to fit my wrist and I bought it. The service was quick efficient with no strings attached. I got a brand new watch and for 20% less than if I went down the road to the Jewellers, with the spare money, I can buy myself a brand new DVD player. That says it all. Terry Chan, UK

Peter Hoath

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What can I say. It is so rare to experience such excellent quality of service in this day and age. The watch was everything I expected, actually probably better... Oh by the way, I will have the bracelet - I'll be calling soon! Peter Hoath, UK

Safdar Hussain

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This website is Fab!!!!The guys work here are even clued up than the watches screwed in!!!I had been looking for a Sea Dweller for a year, approaching many hight street shops, with a very large waiting list!!Called up on day 1, Dee said that "they didnt have any", but wil call me back if they could", I thought surely!!! Only to realise that she called me 10 mins later, and offered me a brand new one the following day!I mean what can you say to the two individuals that work together????At the time I went to purchase the watch, I was overwhelmed by Johns knowledge of watches, and they allowed me to smoke and relax, while they made the final polishing touches to my dream watch...NOW THAT IS PLEASURE..for one enthusiast.I wish this team all the best of luck, as they are doing a very good job!!Well done.Safdar Hussain, UK

David Cheong

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Find it through very interesting.I may buy /sell selected watches in near future.I am an avid watch collector myself.Cheerio, and keep it up. David Cheong, Malaysia

Eran I. Argov

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I was greatly impressed by the rich choice of first-class watches. So much so, that I ended up buying here the watch from my dreams!Eran I. ArgovBrasenose CollegeOxford OX1 4AJ. Eran I. Argov, UK

Shamus Henderson

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I still don't belive that this is my watch,it's so clear clean and where have all the scratches gone? Shamus Henderson, UK

Gary N Szymonek

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Very impressed by selection in your inventory Gary N Szymonek, U.S.A.

Steve Lockett

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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!! The only words to describe John & Dee's business performance. Explanation, well I started looking to purchase a genuine new 'Blue & Gold Rolex Submariner' back in January. I did the usual, talked to the main high street shops within my area but to no avail, "4-6 months waiting list" was the consistent comment even though I had the cash! So I went further afield, London, Wales, even Scotland, the waiting time varied but still the same theme "sorry, these are very sought after watches you will have to wait". The challenge was getting to me, I even talked to jewellers in the USA I've had previous dealings with, contemplating a special trip! It was then, after 5 weeks I stumbled across "The Swiss Watch Co." I sent them an email on the Wednesday evening thinking "what have I got to lose". Dee phoned me at 4:00pm on the Thursday afternoon, by 5:30 John has obtained a brand new boxed Black & Gold Submariner; I was 'gob-smacked', overjoyed but still 'gob-smacked'. He even had the dial and the bezel changed for me and I received the watch 7 days later. This is "one hell of a team", resourceful, professional and very pleasant. Set them a challenge, I'm sure they'll "chime on time" for you! Thank you both Steve Lockett, Halesowen, UK

Colin J. Phillips

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I found the web site usefull for making initial contact and for communication. I found the people at watches.co.uk very helpful and they got me the watch I wanted at an attractive price. Colin J. Phillips, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2PQ, England
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