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    Stephen Grant

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    Searched the WEB for a good deal on a TAG SEL Automatic. Found this site. Talked to John. Paid the asking price. Watch delivered the next day. Quality of the watch even better than I hoped. Thats how easy it was for me. Great service and a great clear picture of the actual watch on the WEB site. Thanks Stephen Grant, Edinburgh

    Paul Dowling

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    John, Finally got round to signing your guest book. My Submariner is looking bloody good. Thanks again. Paul Dowling, Leeds, England

    Steve King

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    Friendly,helpful fast service,expert advice,great prices- every possible effort is made to make sure the customer is happy! Steve King, Devon, England

    Mark Field

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    A 'superb service', helpful, polite and efficient. why wait 6 months like i intended to for a Rolex Submariner, when you can obtain a virtually mint condition Rolex Submariner now! and save money!! Mark Field, Oxford, England

    James Griffiths

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    John, Many Thanks for all your recent help in obtaining my Rolex Sub-Mariner wrist watch. This time piece I had wanted for quite some time, but sadly all of the other Dealers that I had asked to try and obtain one for me were all best part hopeless. You, however managed to obtain the very watch that I had been in search of, in a very short space of time. You also managed to re-instate my faith in human nature, by actually down playing the condition of this watch. When this watch arived the next day, it was in much better condition then you had portrayed in our telephone conversations. In fact your honesty and integrity are most definately a forgone conclusion, as not only did you manage to obtain a watch that all of the other dealers had failed, you produced a specimen, which was quite frankly in Mint++ condition, with all the exact documents etc all verified by Rolex themselves. All told it has been a sincere pleasure doing business with you John, as you have been a gentleman and if there is anyone out there that has any doubt about your crudentials, or is worried about buying from an un-known source, then I would be happy for them to E-Mail and I will be in a position to relay my comments concerning your exemplary service and after care :- Thanks A Million James Griffiths, Bournemouth, England

    Steve Pentz

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    Just to say thankyou for the watch and it was as good as you said, I am sure we will do more business in future. Steve Pentz, Nottingham, England

    Mark Stier

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    I have recently purchased 2 Tag Heuer watches from an Internet site in the United States. My reason for going to the States was that the discounts being offered were large and the whole process was very simple and efficient. I ordered my watches on the Saturday, paying by BarclayCard, and took delivery on the Thursday. However, for those of you tempted by such offers, beware! In order to pass on such sizeable discounts, the distributors don't wish the watches to be traced back to themselves for fear of falling out with the manufacturers, i.e. Tag Heuer. The way they do this is to remove the serial number from the back of the watch. This also means that Tag Heuer will not honour the manufacturer's warranty. Instead you will be offered a warranty by the company selling the watch. In this case it would mean shipping it back to the States which will cost around $30. Mark Stier, Ashwell, Hertfordshire, England

    Graham Steel

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    Recently met you at your office in Chiswick & purchased a Rolex GMT. Absolutely delighted with it ! Thanks John. Good luck with your business. Probably buy one for the wife in the new year. All the best.Graham Steel, St Albans, UK

    Rory Lees-Oakes

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    I only do business with people I trust,and I trust Swiss-Watch.Their after sales service is superb.If you are in the market for a watch,and perhaps a little doubious about dealing with a company you have found on the Internet feel free to E-mail me and I wil tell you just how good they are! My only connection (apart from the internet!)with Swiss Watch is that of a VERY happy customer. Anchors away John!!!Rory Lees-Oakes, Manchester, England

    David Crown

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    Thanks for the watch John, I received it two days after I placed the order it was in better condition than you said, I have told all of my friends about the site and I hope you give commision, Only joking Good Luck. David Crown, London, England
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