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Cartier Watches


The Cartier brand has been a pioneer in crafting elegant luxury watches since its inception in 1847. Its timeless designs provide men and women with the kind of timepiece that exudes a class beyond the realms of everyday fashion. Indeed, a Cartier watch will suggest eminence and sophistication among those who wear them, while an eclectic choice of styles provides a personal touch that’s sure to impress.

To get a feel for the brand’s rich history you’ll have to travel back to when Cartier was first established in 1847, by Louis-Francois. His three grandsons travelled the world, opening boutiques in New York and London. They gathered a taste for the many cultures that would inspire the company’s lines of watches and jewellery. It was Cartier that popularised the world’s first modern wristwatch in 1904 – the Santos – and producing iconic shapes became a signature trend for the company that would receive its royal warrant from King Edward VII during the same year.

With Cartier’s royal warrant came a reputation for selling and designing wares for royalty, which has since stemmed beyond the throne to modern-day celebrities - including Kate Middleton, who has been seen wearing the Cartier Ballon Bleu. With this rich history it is easy to see why Cartier has become renowned as one of the most prestigious jewellery manufacturers in the world, and perhaps it’s even easier to see why so many adorn the coveted Cartier logo upon their wrists.

No longer an exclusive reserve for the social elite, Cartier has tailored its range of watches to align with the demands of a modern lifestyle. There are few better accessories to really make a statement when it comes to fashion and substance, and this concept encompasses Cartier’s ethos as a contemporary jewellery manufacturer: form is to be displayed as an equal to function.

As a purchase then, you can expect unrivalled quality with fine attention to detail. Every Cartier piece has been pristinely fashioned to inspire elegance and style, with striking iconic designs a speciality among this esteemed collection. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift or the perfect dress watch to sit alongside your favourite outfit, there is a tasteful piece to suit just about any need. Browse through our collection to find the right choice for your style.

If you are looking to sell your Cartier watch, we can help.

Swiss Watch Company

At Swiss Watch Company, we pride ourselves on the quality of luxury watches we buy and sell. We have a selection of high quality Rolex watches as well as Breitling, Tag Heuer, IWC and more, available in excellent pre-owned condition for you to buy. You can also sell your luxury watch with us, simply fill out the online form and submit to receive a valuation for your luxury watch.

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